Incredible VR technology that people around the globe are very excited about.

Play VR offers the most advanced VR experience and cutting-edge gaming content to gamers around the world.

PlayVR is a refined turnkey solution for location owners offering easy set-up and access to high-quality gaming content which will satisfy any type of consumer.

Our games are often inspired by famous movie franchises to appeal to consumers.

Running a network of PlayVR halls is simple. We provide a user-friendly management system, regular updates, personnel training, and ongoing support.


01 Immersive gaming experience
02 Various genres: action, shooter, adventure, puzzle
03 Easy-to-build 30m 2 (320 sq ft) modular VR hall
04 Up to 4 players in one gaming area
05 High traffic: up to 290 consumers per day
06 New game every month


01 Online ticket sales and CRM for user retention
02 Media support on network + 24/7 Tech support
03 Free training and instructions on staff hiring, access to recommendations, sales and marketing support
Key Features
Server-centric location management / Easily scalable, cost-efficient
Location Area
18m 2 / 30m2(195 sq ft / 320 sq ft)
Capacity per location
2 / 4 players
High replayability, content for all ages, various genres In-house produced IPs (8 deployed) + 3rd party content
Session time
10+ min
Single player / PvE PvP multiplayer
User Experience
Head and hands tracking
HTC Vive / MSI / Unreal Engine / Unity
Media Support
Gameplay broadcast capability
Key locations
Cinemas / Malls / VR arcades


PlayVR is far more than just a VR hall.

Our in-house content studio is working day and night to bring original VR games to PlayVR visitors.

We are searching for partners that are ready to create or adapt their existing games for distribution via our pipeline.

WOT VR World of Tanks is a next-generation installment of the world-famous armor-centric video game - now in virtual reality. Arcade tank simulator
Alpha CentaVR A journey across fantasy worlds and spaces Adventure, quest
RevolVR 2.0 RevolVR is back. Robots lease their bodies to anyone willing to take part in real Old Western duels Shooter
RevolVR Wild West competitive shooter Competitive shooter
G11 Play with Fixies in Virtual Reality. Arcade, puzzle
G23 Take command and dominate in aero-naval battle. Protect your treasure from hordes of skeletons Cooperative action
Varangians Cooperative action game. Join the varangian battle aboard ships Historical action
Guardians II Superhero game. Pick one of 4 characters and save the world Superhero action
G36 The player becomes the size of Fixie and repairs items using a gadget Action, logic
Lost Frontier Space marines rid the alien laboratory of monsters Sci-fi shooter
Alpha Tactic Realistic shooting gallery in virtual reality Tactical shooter
Tutorial Free tutorial in Virtual Reality Gameplay Sci-fi shooter

VR Platforms Evolution

Game Operation Cost $$$$ $$ $
Games commercial use
Content management
Adding location to platform
Exclusive games
Local multiplayer
24/7 tech support
CRM ERP integration
Remote location management
Guidelines for staff, marketing installation
Platform overview Not tailored for LBE business needs Platform for minor LBE operators (single location) Advanced platform for multiple locations

Game Operation Cost: $$$

Games commercial use, Not tailored for LBE business needs

Game Operation Cost: $$

Games commercial use, Content management, Adding location to platform, Platform for minor LBE operators (single location)

Game Operation Cost: $

Games commercial use, Content management, Adding location to platform, Exclusive games, Local multiplayer, 24/7 tech support, CRM ERP integration, Remote location management, Guidelines for staff, marketing installation, Advanced platform for multiple locations