Diagnostics of English language proficiency in virtual reality

October 14, 2019

A virtual English language proficiency testing simulator for secondary school pupils has been developed on request of Moscow Center for Quality of Education. The user gets access to a realistic virtual environment, cafe, office or gym, and all the necessary context for simulating live communication. While a student speaks English with a virtual character, the program evaluates the phonetic and grammatical features of speech, checks the correctness of the answers and indicates errors. Additional diagnostic modes, such as a vocabulary shooter, a quiz, and interaction with surrounding objects allow you to check basic knowledge of the language in a fun playful way.

The application generates reports on the results of completing assignments and evaluates the level of English proficiency, which allows you to personalize the approach to further training. VR simulator checks not only the knowledge of a foreign language, but also the level of practical skills, increases the degree of involvement and eliminates the possibility of cheating.