Healthcare solution

Developed and tested unique solutions to help rehabilitate patients. The use of IoT, VR, 3D, Mobile, Web technologies allowed to create products that are flexibly controlled and adjusted to the needs of customers.

Stress management platform

Flow is a virtual reality solution for relaxation and alignment of psychological state equipped with biological feedback loop.

Flow consists of a relaxation chair, VR scenarios, a mobile app and a web service for the employer.The user is transferred to the virtual space and undergoes a relaxation session, restores breathing, calms the heartbeat and returns to normal.

Flow allows the employer to receive detailed information about the psycho-emotional state of employees.

Flow benefits:

· Preventing employee burnout
· Raising the general level of stress resistance of the team
· Reducing the number of accidents at work
· Retention and motivation of employeesImproving labor productivity
· Increased employees' concentrationImproving the emotional climate in a company

VR platform for diagnostics of cognitive functions 

VR platform consists of simple psychological, spatial and motor tests, that are passed inside virtual reality, created by means of computer simulation. Created for Moscow Sport Department, the simulator is designed to improve cognitive functions, attention and memory.

Scope of application:
Upgrade VR allows to diagnose Dementia at an early stage, that will help people staying able-bodied much longer.
+ Upgrade VR is used to test the state of professional suitability of employees for the performance of tasks associated with a high level of risk.


· Virtual reality removes white noise, therefore, during testing, a person is not distracted by anything and is deeply immersed in the process
· Upgrade VR works directly with the brain and is the optimal training system for interhemispheric interactions.
· Upgrade VR collects Big data to form artificial intelligence that will diagnose brain-related disorders.

Cooperative tests

Cooperative VR tests allow to hold comprehensive team building, determine the compatibility and leadership abilities of team members, and raise the team spirit, regardless of which offices or countries the employees are located in.

Flow benefits:

· Users can freely communicate with each other
· Multi-user interaction with virtual objects
· Distribution of tasks among users (each one has unique abilities which help to achieve a common goal)
· Team and individual ratings

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Medical center administrator

VR simulator helps to prepare specialists for communication with patients on the primary health-related issues in a short time.In the process of communicating with virtual visitors, the user learns the information necessary for his work. The simulator has an automatic assessment system, which quickly allows to evaluate knowledge and work with mistakes.

Features of the simulator:

· Consultation on the procedure for medical appointments
· Making an appointment
· Consultation on attachment to the clinic
· Consultation on vaccination and obtaining certificates
· Work with conflicting patients and patients with special needs
· Registration of sick-lists and certificates

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A VR mammography cabinet demonstrates the possibilities of a digital mammography system AMULET Innovality. The user can perform the most common diagnostic procedures with a  virtual patient: a mammography, a biopsy, a tomosintesis.

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Professional skills training

VR simulator for providing urgent care in virtual reality is created for medical staff and students of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. The simulator is an educational module of continuing medical education portal of the Ministry of Health. After completing the course students receive an educational certificate.

Features of the simulator:

· Developed with the participation of experts with long-term experience  in the medical field
· Used for both learning and skills testing
· Well-developed medical office as an environment
· Realistic medical equipment
· 6 scenarios of patient conditions, 9 types of patients

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