VR makes it possible to bring practical experience of interaction into the digital educational environment and expand the range of its application. According to academic studies, learning in VR increases the percentage of material developed by 70%, concentration and academic performance by 50% and 45%, respectively. 
The effect of immersion has a special role in memorizing visual images, as evidenced by statistically significant improvements.

Public speaking training

A collaborative project of the Moscow Metropolitan Governance Yury Luzhkov University (MMGU) and VRTech Company.The simulator allows you to prepare government officials, business representatives and other specialists whose job responsibilities include holding meetings and participation in public events.

Features of the simulator:
· Various locations (hall, meeting room);Speaker speech recognition
· Simulation of distractions (noise, light, camera shooting)
· Analysis of voice, movements, speaker actions, tracking of parasite words
· The reaction of the virtual public to the speech and actions of the speaker
· Various modes (presentation and answers to questions)
· Upload your own presentation in PDF format;Built-in script editor

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Multifunctional center operator

VR simulator enables the future specialist to practice in a virtual MFC. The simulator completely recreated the workplace of the operator, procedure for the work with office equipment, documents and a computer. It will help workers to practice new methods for the provision of public services and gives the opportunity for their superiors to analyze the level of competence.

Features of the simulator:
· Voice communication with virtual applicants
· Teaching the rules of behavior in conflict situations
· Teaching call scripts,  list of required documents
· Multiple Script Launch Modes: Training and Exam
· Automated student assessment system with saving the result in the electronic journal

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Real Estate Inspector 

The task of the VR-simulator is to effectively teach the basics of the profession in virtual reality, where the conditions in which the inspector works are recreated.The inspectors are always in touch with the owners and tenants of the facilities. As officials of the authority, they must communicate correctly and conduct all procedures in strict accordance with the law.

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Training and knowledge assessment of foreign languages

The user finds himself in an interactive location where he needs to communicate with different characters. In an understandable and playful form, the user actively interacts with the outside world and learns the language.

Features of the simulator:
· Exciting game scenarios with full immersion
· Different characters and locations
· The effect of immersion in the language environment
· Reducing the level of stress during knowledge assessment
· Automated knowledge evaluation and an even-handed approach

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