Edvard Munch in ArtVR

June 5, 2019

Tretyakov Gallery and VRTech present a new ArtVR experience «Edvard Munch: The Scream of Nature». The project is dedicated to works of the Norwegian expressionist artist and is timed to the exhibition, which runs until July 2019 in the Engineering Building of the gallery. Visitors of the museum in Lavrushinsky lane will be able to immerse themselves in the work of the painter, comprehend the features of his artistic manner and feel the atmosphere of the creation of his works.

A new way of immersion in art in edutainment format will acquaint the user with the paintings «Despair», «Anxiety», «Scream», «Melancholy» from the series «Frieze of Life». Virtual experience with audio and visual effects and sound education will allow you to convey the experiences of the master and discover his artistic intent. The visitor will be transferred to the Oslo Fjord embankment, where the familiar colors of the paintings «sound» in the notes corresponding to these exact colors, and will see the sky that impressed Munch so much and inspired him to create the «Scream».

Each part of the virtual immersion has its own musical theme, written by a musician from Kiev, Andrey Rugar, who studies sound, writes complex melodic pieces at the intersection of experimental genres. His work is a search for depths and meanings in the whirlpool of sound. In the process of creating the track, the musician gives references to Wagner and Sibelius, uses the principles of color-sound synesthesia, focusing on colors from Munch's paintings, and experiments with composition, whereby we can observe the selection of electronic music genres such as idm, ambient and glitch.

In June 2018, the Tretyakov Gallery and VRTech opened the world's first exhibition in virtual reality «Avant-garde in three dimensions: Goncharova and Malevich», taking visitors to the recreated workshops of the leaders of Russian avant-garde. In March 2019, the project «Ivan Shishkin: Morning in a Pine Forest» was launched, in which users can not only see the masterpiece, but literally get into the picture and take a walk through the forest. All projects are available for viewing in the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, 10 and in the Main Building on Lavrushinsky, 10 until December 20, 2019.