Neurogaming gets the Halo Awards 2018 prize for its PolygonVR

October 29, 2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of virtual reality technologies and content, got the honorable prize at VR Days 2018. The company is ranked among the best developers of LBE VR games. Its PolygonVR – a multiplayer gaming arena – got the bronze prize by Halo Awards in the location-based gaming category.

PolygonVR is an inimitable VR gaming experience. The Halo’s jury highly appreciated its cutting-edge technologies for its full-body tracking system, allowing users to enjoy freedom of movement, interact with people or objects and get live feedback from those, who are watching them playing. PolygonVR is the only VR gaming platform that can deliver an inter-continental gaming experience. It can connect several gaming spaces in real time, no matter how far they are located from each other — in different countries or even on different continents. This is the future of global VR gaming that is already happening today!

“This autumn Neurogaming already got several prestigious awards for its virtual reality technologies and content, and Halo Awards is the one that we are proud of the most”, said Yury Krylov, Neurogaming’s CEO. “For us it is a confirmation of the right choice of business strategy — we invest in people, who are keen on what they are doing. Only this kind of team can produce so many award-winning products. Next year we plan to keep the same award-winning pace”.

The Halo Awards measures augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects and technologies. Only those who prove to have outstanding creative and innovative works, performances and projects get the Halo’s. The award also marks the great people, who carried out the laureate projects. The nominees are awarded within the VR Days conference with gold, silver or bronze prizes. The Halo Awards ambition is to set the standard for quality works, to unite the VR and AR community and to promote VR and AR in the broadest sense.