Neurogaming will present its platform VR gaming solutions at Europe Attractions Show 2018

September 17, 2018

Neurogaming, a leading developer of platform virtual reality gaming solutions, presented its latest LBE offerings at Europe Attractions Show 2018. The event took place in Amsterdam on September 25-27th. Both PolygonVR and PlayVR platforms had great news for European gaming market to share.

Neurogaming presented the second generation of its PolygonVR platform. This high-end free-roaming VR gaming system is now offered in modules that allow fast creating of VR parks for dozens of people. Gamers can now experience the real-time multi-camera Twitch and have access to YouTube streaming. Both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player game modes have been restyled and updated with new maps.

PlayVR – Neurogaming’s mass-market tethered gaming VR platform is now offered as one-time purchase with free unlimited updates, integration and tech support. Three new games were added to its gaming menu, including the praised multiplayer VR escape room Alpha Centavr. World of Tanks VR can now be played in 4x4 team deathmatch mode. In total, PlayVR now offers 12 exclusive titles and 25 Steam titles worldwide.

The major announcement that Neurogaming made at EAS 2018  is its newly developed location management platform.  One can easily operate several PolygonVR or PlayVR locations as a single network.  The platform allows to control every aspect of the systems, such as available games, ticketing, promotion, pricing, specials.