New off-site VR demonstrations of real estate

March 4, 2021

VRTech and Vision Real Estate Agency show off-site VR demonstrations of real estate. Virtual reality technologies allow a user to visit the interior of an apartment, house or townhouse, to evaluate the layout and ergonomics of the space. Even if the house is still at an early stage of construction, the user will get a complete idea of what it will be like inside, he will be able to move around it and try on different options for floor and wall coverings, furniture, and the degree of illumination.

Now you do not need to travel to locations and view objects live, spend your time, money and nerves. At one time, you can evaluate several objects in different cities without leaving the room!

The virtual showroom gives a completely new perception of the object, and customers experience a wow effect, because during a VR demonstration they can physically feel the space and even appreciate the view from the window of a house that has not yet been built.

Throughout the viewing process, clients are accompanied by a virtual manager who answers their questions and provides additional information.