New VR-showroom by RealEstateVR: new tracking, low price

February 26, 2018

RealEstateVR presented a new technology for creating virtual showrooms on Mobile World Congress on February 26 in Barcelona. The product was named VREstate.

The principal innovation of the VREstate virtual showroom is a wireless positional tracking, developed by Antilatency startup. Virtual showroom tracks the movement using markers mounted on the mat. The marker reader is in the VR headset.

The solution for virtual real estate showrooms includes:

  • 1) VR-headset for smartphone,
  • 2) Wireless controllers,
  • 3) 3D model,
  • 4) Antilatency tracking mat,
  • 5) Tablet for the manager.

RealEstateVR has been developed VR solutions for real estate since 2016. The VREstate-2018 product presented in Barcelona has several innovations, in addition to positional tracking. Real estate demonstration in virtual reality has become an ordinary walk that begins in the courtyard, passes through the elevator hall and reception area and ends in the apartment. Another feature of VREstate-2018 is mobility. It can be installed in ten minutes anywhere, even without electricity. For example, outdoors.

A new virtual showroom will cost cheaper than the old one. Previously, a set of equipment and software for the showroom area of 50 sq m has costed $60 000, and now the price of the base set is $15 000.