New VR Simulator for Real Estate Inspectors

March 4, 2022

Virtual reality is a way to quickly gain new skills and become a master in almost any profession. VRTech Company together with the Moscow Metropolitan Governance University have developed a VR simulator for real estate inspectors. The simulator provides full immersion into the situation in which an inspector usually works, teaches how to interact correctly with owners and tenants of premises and strictly comply with all legal requirements.

The solution was created for the needs of the State Inspectorate for monitoring of use of real estate in Moscow. The simulator features a user-friendly realistic interface with recreated 3D locations and animated characters. The inspector will have to communicate with them, and the dialogue sounds natural thanks to speech recognition technology. The character reacts to the user's remarks, and the conversation can go according to a variety of scenarios. The only difference is that in VR situations in which the inspector behaved incorrectly will not have any negative consequences.