VR presentation of the new “Sapsan” for the Russian railway company “RZD”

January 20, 2021

VRTech Group has developed a VR presentation of a new high-speed train “Sapsan-3”. During virtual excursion a user can fully examine interiors of a high-speed train and evaluate the level of service.

User can move freely through the train and view different types of wagons — the first class, business meeting rooms, economy class and kid zone. All along the way user is accompanied by a robot assistant that offers to make an order in a dining car and find out new available services. An atmosphere is complemented by the familiar sounds of the train and a moving landscape in the window.

VR presentation is designed for demonstration of the new “Sapsan” to visitors of the exhibition stands of ‘’RZD”. Among them members of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of regions and managers of different levels.