Y lofts apartments in North Peterborough

April 3, 2021

Is there an opportunity to look at an apartment even before the full construction of a building to make a right choice? Yes, and it is a visualization in a computer program. It allows you to evaluate how the room will look after the final arrangement, how comfortable it is to be inside and even what kind of view will open from the window!

One of the latest developments of the VRTech Group is the visualization of the «Y Lofts» apartments in Peterborough, Canada (475 George St, North Peterborough). This work was done for the Vision Real Estate Agency.

The main components of the success of this building are the combination of historical spirit and modern comfort. The stylish design of the apartments, comfortable common areas, including a roof terrace, barbecue areas and even a party room — all this will meet you inside. And outside, the historic Romanesque facade is preserved, which gives the entire building a unique look.

Realistic images of interiors are made by using 3D technologies in specialized computer programs. The high level of detail allows you to evaluate the ergonomics of the space, the features of the interior and make a purchase decision.